Maria Primachenko Due to all these horrible news that we are hearing about the current events in Ukraine, I want to write about the Ukrainian artist, Maria Primachenko and share some love and beauty. I read today about a museum that was destroyed with some painting of her art inside and I have the urge to […]

BLOWN UP FURNITURE Seungjin Yang’s Blowing Series When I saw a chair in an interior magazine, I immediately knew I wanted to know more about these beautiful chairs. Who doesn’t love the colorful balloons that some skilled street artists can use to build amazing shapes. These chairs are skilfully reduced, but also bright and would […]

2015-2022 no post, but now I am back…

Ukrainian Women Bring Back Traditional Floral Crowns To Show National Pride A Slavic workshop of stylists and photographers called Treti Pivni (translates as Third Rooster) have decided to bring back one of the more amazing Ukranian traditions by giving it a new meaning. They’ve produced a portrait series of modern Ukranian women dressed in traditional Ukranian […]

Visited last week the exhibition “Couleurs désert” at the Zurich  Museum Bellerive and loved all the textiles, the story of the weavers and the couleurful carpets they had in their rooms. Out of materials that have served their purpose they create a new kind of applied art: in the Moroccan Sahara the women of a Berber tribe use […]

Before They Pass Away Jimmy Nelson (Sevenoaks, Kent, 1967)  is the photographer behind the book ´before they pass away´ where he pictures indigenous cultures in an astheticly beautiful way and is showing us the variety & beauty of those people. I had a chance to look into the book and cannot wait to buy it […]

  The design duo Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram from Kram/Weisshaar, create with their project Robochop an interactive robot installation. By inviting users near and far to play with the Robochop app to design, create and sculpt their own objects out of polystyrene foam. Starting March 5 the custom ROBOCHOP app will allow online users […]

Omar Victor Diop was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1980. Since his early days, Omar Victor Diop developed an interest for Photography and Design, essentially as a means to capture the diversity of modern african societies and lifestyles.​ ​ His work is interrogative and intriguing, prospective, yet a tad vintage and draws inspiration from Diop’s […]

The guy on these hilarious fun images wearing these extraorinary hat pieces is Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson. He learned to knit and crochet by watching YouTube tutorials and see there he owns now an own sector in this handcrafted field: Food Hats, which will definitly keep us warm in winter, if any of us want […]

Eleanor Rose  Kissick graduated in 2013 from University of Ulster Belfast in Textile art, and specifies in making miniature pieces of highly detailed work. To create her delicate pieces she uses traditional techniques in a non-traditional organic way, such as crochet, embroidery, smocking, needle lace and wire sculpture. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature. Wonderful.

Strasbourg-based photographer Julien Douvier utlilizes a variety of techniques to create these beautifully meditative cinemagraphs of urban life and nature. He films and edits every image with an obsessive attention to detail. the animated images of gentle water ripples and rolling waves have a tranquil, mesmerizing quality that will make you wish you were at […]

Vienna-based photography studio staudinger-franke have set their latest series underwater, revealing the ‘barrier’ between a human model and the transparent sheets under which they are submerged. The portfolio of photographs comprises portraits of women and men, separated from the viewer by a barrier of water. filled with colorful fish and aquatic botanicals, the pool both […]

Katrina Zibatova has a creative universe with fantastical inspirations. The card game she created illustrates perfectly her inspiration. Here, the artist presents an inspiring series of illustrations depicting colorful minerals.

What a Movie’s Scenes Look Like Straight Out of the Camera Versus In Theaters This video is a great sample of the before-and-after post-processing effects in making movies. Movies often have the magical light and saturated colors and well it is not filmed like it but the filmed versions are color graded. In the video […]

Anna Gusella is a Visual Communication Designer, who just finished her studies at art school berlin Berlin-Weissensee. I came across her work in the new Novum Magazin and I love the free way on looking into space and the ask herself questions that each of us are exploring.  A VENTURE i am standing in my […]

  These specific colour fields referr to rugs made by Florian Pucher, an Bejing-based Australian architect. With his series LANDCARPET,a series of rugs modeled after birds-eye-view aerial photographs of land, he shows his fascination by landscapes and the beauty of the different colours of our world from seen above. Pucher takes aerial images and then […]

“What Do You Hyde Series” is an astonishing portraits series made ​​by the Argentine photographer Romina Ressia. For this project, she staged mysterious women whose face and torso are hidden by patterned fabrics. What is even more interesting is the correlation between textile and patterns painted in the background papers.

A wonderful short film by director Matthew Frost starring Kirsten Dunst for Vs. Mag about the todays behavior of so many people especially the youngest. Short, simple and a clear wondering message.  

Using one of the world’s largest collection of vintage paint-by-number paintings as inspiration, Trey Speegle explores themes of hope, love, longing and transformation by recontextuliazing vintage paint-by-numbers with word play that has a broad pop appeal. He works in New York’s Meatpack District and is producing there his acryl paintings on canvas or huge murals. […]

” Brandalism is an experiemtal study on the influence street art and graffiti have had on the fashion world. By utilizing distinct brand marks, iconic couleurs, and spray cans, the quintessential toll of the graffiti artist, I intend to reintroduce the ideology of vandalism, branding and fashion from a new perspective.” Antonio Brasko   

  These realistic food images are a part of ‘The Comfort Food Series’ from Jessica Dance in collaboration with photographer David Sykes.All food is knitted on Jessica’s domestic knitting machine in 100% lambswool. Jessica Dance is a London-based Art Director, Model Maker & Prop Stylist. She specialises in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. By […]

I really like the expressional modern dance piece by Adrien Ouaki. No more words today. Directed by Cristina Mameli and Sami Benyoucef Music By Olafur Arnalds Film shot a “Les Chaudronneries de Montreuil”

  Evelin Kasikov is a graphic designer and author of CMYK embroidery. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, she now lives in London and works as a book designer and graphic artist. She studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 2008 with an MA in Communication Design. During her MA she developed an interest in […]

Doshi Levien, an indian designer, created a series of rugs that evoke the sensual and shiny world of tribal folk embroidery of India, below you can see a nice video of her work and the rugs.

  Lubna Chowdhary creates tile-based artworks for interior and exterior spaces. She is based in London and workes internationally, designs, manufactures and provides consultancy on site-specific architectural schemes for public and private spaces, residential and commercial developments, museums, restaurants, hotels, and schools.  Many works are done in collaboration with architects, designers and art consultants, project proposals are developed to […]

This stunning set of India’ Holy Men in powerful portraits by Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L puts us face to face with religious ascetics who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of spiritual liberation. Starting in Northern Ethiopia, Joey has traveled the world searching for wandering monks and spiritualists. The latest installment of his Holy […]

Most beautiful work of design seen in a long time. Studio Besau-Marguerre developed these copper mirrors “Iridescent Copper“. The text by Nana Tiedtke explains it all much better then I can ever write it down. I totally adore the red, orange shining metal with the minimalistic geometric pattern. ( and the fun is I talked […]

Beautiful calm video “Warm Up”, a project by Ruslan Khasanov. Couleured liquid is poured into the palm of a hand and captured in close shots. The beauty of the skin surface and later the surface of a screen with water on it, combined with nicely arranged sounds makes this video a 2:30 min short relaxaction. […]

This video is not just about learning to see but also about the art of teaching. Inge Druckrey is the subject and her teaching is the art. In the process, students have discovered the beauty in everyday objects, lines and typography. “If you do one thing today, watch this 40-minute crash course in Design Thinking.” […]

The beauty of handwritten letters. Sebastian Lesterworks in Lewes, East Sussex, as a type designer, illustrator and artist. He has created typefaces and type illustrations for some of the world’s biggest companies, publications and events, including the likes of Apple, Nike, Intel, The New York Times, The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and JD Salinger’s final […]

Mailka Favre is a french illustrator based in London. I really like her minimalistic great style, where she tries successfully to pare things down as much as possible so that she gets the essence of the fashion subjects, the beauty of people and make-up, the surrounding and other subjects by only using a few lines […]

Tracy Widdess does these amazing knitted art monster faces. I do not think they are really made for wearing, but it doesn’t matter, because as knitted sculptures they are pretty amazing!

This crazy cool hero-glyphic series is done by Designer and illustrator John Lane who had always an affinity for ancient egyptian art and hieroglyphics and superheros and combined these interests in a new way. The Egyptians developed an elegant way to communicate their stories using minimalistic imagery and symbols and he placed modern characeters into […]

Brock Davis, an American artist who experiments with iphone photography and here are some of his 2012 and 2013 favorite shots which I randomly found on behance. you can find his whole collection on his Instagram account, click here.

Elizabeth Climo, or simply Liz Climo, is a talented young animator currently working with the everlasting The Simpsons TV-show. When her day job ends, however, she still has enough time, creative energy and inspiration to create adorable and witty comics that present various animals in amusing everyday interactions. Since 2011 she draws these adorable small […]

Melissa Zexter combines hand-stitched embroidery with photography. Using photographs she has taken herself, she sews onto them, irreversibly altering the image by adding a new layer. She uses an ancient form of art, embroidery, refracted through a modern one, photography, to create structured objects that are embodiments of both fragmentation and focused concentration. The sewn […]

White collar worker from by day, stop motion animator by night. Takahide Hori – also known as YAMIKEN – successfully created his first part of his underground opus, Junk Head 1. It only took him four years. And he never gave up. You can see the love that went into crafting its grimy subterranean future […]

First post 2014 about the Sasha Vinogradova, an american-based illustrator, digital artist, who produced this amazing skull series “Styles of russian folk painting” , where elements of Russian Folk paintings are combined with the vanity symbol in the style of Día de Muertos, the Mexican holiday.

Michael Schulz started in October 2010 and took his first iPhone picture and uploaded it to Instagram. Now he has one of the greatest collection of images of Berlin. On his page Berlinstagram he collects his masterpieces of the German Capital, which I love to look through and think about if I know where he […]

great video by israeli filmmaker Shimi Cohen on the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely

Mike Pelletier, an interactive artist from Canada, experimented with the Microsoft Kinetic since they released the hardware a few years ago. With the 3D scanning function he created these digital portraits, by moving around the subject with the camera. Nice idea, simple visual but great result.  

Attitude towards punctuality Lifestyle: Independent vs. dependent The volume of sound in a restaurant I love simple infographics. These shown here try to deal with the fascinating cultural differences between Eastern and Western mentality. The designer Yang Liu series East Meets West tackles everything from differences in self-perception to evolution of transportation in an elegant […]

Anthony Cerniello, an American filmmaker has emulated the ageing process by ‘creating a person’ called Danielle, who subtly changes in front of viewers’ eyes from childhood into old age. Mr Cerniello’s ‘Danielle’ project was not shot over a lifetime, but is made up of photographs of family members of different generations who were photographed in […]

Lotus Dome by Studio Roosegaarde is a living dome made out of hundreds of ultra-light aluminium flowers that fold open in response to human behavior, see the video below. When approached, the big silver dome lights up and opens its flowers. Its behavior moves from soft breathing to a more dynamic mood when more people […]

Even I am right now in East Asia, I was travelling around the world via Google Maps because I saw these amazing images by Spanish Photographer Diego Arroyo. These Photos below are made in Kenya and they show so much of the beauty of their traditions, the gorgeous smiles of the people over there and […]

  I never have been to New York, not even once to the USA. Never the less, I am used to see parts of the Big Apple in series or movies and images from friends living there, but with the illustrations from James Gulliver Hancock you and me now can see more and more of […]

Nothing new and also nothing super special, but still me as a lover for minimalistic art like his work and he is one of the few, who does this kind of transforming spaces with geometric shapes in such a radical way and already for several years, even the whole effect is simple. Swiss artist Felice […]

The brighter it gets outside, the more dark couleurs and even black I am wearing. And this is also my first time that I post an article more or less completely in black. But this short movie Pianoworks 13  combines beautiful live action and motion design directed by Julien Martorell with simple piano music by […]

This is First Taste, a video created by Saatchi & Saatchi and Heckler for TEDxSydney 2013. It’s slo-mo footage of kids eating a variety of foods for the very first time, and it’s probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen ever. LOVE IT and the children’s reactions, watch it on whole screen.    

Today’s post is about someone big when it comes to package fashion products. Marc Atlan is a french-born american creative director based in Los Angeles and the founder of “MARC ATLAN DESIGN, INC.” where he conceptualizes everything you need for creating a good corporate design such as perfume bottles and packaging, ad campaigns and catalogues, […]