Felice Varini_1 Felice Varini_2 Felice Varini_4 Felice Varini_5 Felice Varini_6 Felice Varini_7 Felice Varini_8 Felice Varini_9 Felice Varini_10 Felice Varini_11

Nothing new and also nothing super special, but still me as a lover for minimalistic art like his work and he is one of the few, who does this kind of transforming spaces with geometric shapes in such a radical way and already for several years, even the whole effect is simple.

Swiss artist Felice Varini is know for his large-scale projections of geometric forms onto rooms and exterior spaces. His latest work at the Grand Palais in Paris ( images with the orange tape) went up just last month and of course he works with projectors and stencils to create his artwork that only appears proportional when seen from a specific viewpoint.

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