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I never have been to New York, not even once to the USA. Never the less, I am used to see parts of the Big Apple in series or movies and images from friends living there, but with the illustrations from James Gulliver Hancock you and me now can see more and more of the different architectural styles then only the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Building or the often figured skyline. The 35-year-old Australian artist and illustrator has started a life-long project to draw each house in New York.

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Well, there are about a million different houses, so he will keep him busy for many years. The idea started when James Gulliver Hancock traveled around the world and sketched everything interesting for him along his way. Now in New York he could not stop. So in the last three years he filled his blog “All the buildings in New York” with around a thousand houses so far. Each illustration is drawn with fine black outlines and then sometimes they are recolored afterwards to show us the wonderful color combinations of the surfaces of the walls. I really like this project and also his other work you can see on his website. He started in April 2010, while living in Brooklyn. Now back home in Sydney with his wife and year-old son, he returns to the scene of his ambition from time to time and otherwise works from photographs and Google Maps.

For all New York based people, it will be a big joy to see his/her house drawn from James Gulliver Hancock and for everyone else it is also fun to see the variety of New York’s Building.James Gulliver Hancock_13


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  1. Loved this project! Do you know the technique he uses?

    • well I looks as if he uses a black pencil or pen and then recolores the outlines with illustrator, aquarell couleurs or other couleurful pencils.


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