Yang_Liu-3Attitude towards punctuality
Yang_Liu-5Lifestyle: Independent vs. dependent
Yang_Liu-8The volume of sound in a restaurant

I love simple infographics. These shown here try to deal with the fascinating cultural differences between Eastern and Western mentality. The designer Yang Liu series East Meets West tackles everything from differences in self-perception to evolution of transportation in an elegant way with brilliant simplicity

Born in China but living in Germany since she was 14, Liu has a unique grip of this cultural duality — and she channels it with great wit and eloquent minimalism in graphics that say so much by showing so little.

The blue page stands for ” the German”, the opposite red page for “the Chinese”.

Yang_Liu-7How to stand in line
Yang_Liu-6Perception: How Germans and the Chinese see one another
Yang_Liu-4Problem-solving approach
Yang_Liu-1Complexity of self-expression
Yang_Liu-9The evolution of transportation over the last three decades

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