antonio_brasko-brandalism_dior antonio_brasko-brandalism_ysl antonio_brasko-brandalism_tiffany-co antonio_brasko-brandalism_dr-martens

” Brandalism is an experiemtal study on the influence street art and graffiti have had on the fashion world. By utilizing distinct brand marks, iconic couleurs, and spray cans, the quintessential toll of the graffiti artist, I intend to reintroduce the ideology of vandalism, branding and fashion from a new perspective.” Antonio Brasko    antonio_brasko-brandalism_givenchy antonio_brasko-brandalism_gucci antonio_brasko-brandalism_hermés antonio_brasko-brandalism_jordan antonio_brasko-brandalism_levis antonio_brasko-brandalism_louis-vuitton antonio_brasko-brandalism_nike antonio_brasko-brandalism_supreme

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