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These specific colour fields referr to rugs made by Florian Pucher, an Bejing-based Australian architect. With his series LANDCARPET,a series of rugs modeled after birds-eye-view aerial photographs of land, he shows his fascination by landscapes and the beauty of the different colours of our world from seen above.

Pucher takes aerial images and then redraws them, focusing on the typical characteristics of the area the image depicts, using for example warm green and brown colours for images depicting Europe, more earthen tones for Africa and so on. Other patterns in the series include a ‘USA’ theme -in fresh green colours- and the ‘Netherlands’ theme -inspired by the country’s colourful array of flower fields-, while a new ‘Asia’ theme is currently underway.

Pucher uses various online mapping services to pinpoint locations of interest and then does picture searches to get a feel for the colors and elevations. He sometimes coincidentally will stumble upon satellite imagery or maps, which may lead to a new rug design. “Some countries are very easily recognizable through their methods of farming and that has always intrigued me,” Pucher tells us. The different ‘fields’ of colour seen in these carpets feature different tuft sizes which adds an element of depth as well as a realistic feel to them, whilst each ‘Landcarpet’ rug is hand-tufted and requires approximately five weeks to produce each one, using superior quality New Zealand wool.

( via Colossal)

LANDCARPET-Florian Pucher_3

LANDCARPET-Florian Pucher_6







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