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The guy on these hilarious fun images wearing these extraorinary hat pieces is Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson. He learned to knit and crochet by watching YouTube tutorials and see there he owns now an own sector in this handcrafted field: Food Hats, which will definitly keep us warm in winter, if any of us want to wear a few kilos of couleurful wool shaped as a pizza around our head.

His collection includes hats that look like burgers, hotdogs, bacon and eggs, and even condiments. They’re all done without any pre-existing patterns. Well each of them are single pieces and have this wonderful ironic turn in them, even look at his distorted pain and sad faces he makes on the images. Have to love it!

You can see more of Phil’s hunger-inducing fashion statements over on Instagram. What great fun to look at! Can’t wait to see some crazy celebrity wearing one of them.

Phil Ferguson_4

Phil Ferguson_1

Phil Ferguson_9

Phil Ferguson_12

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  1. because of his hats, it has inspired me to crochet a beret that looks like a blueberry pancake for my nephew.


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