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Omar Victor Diop was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1980. Since his early days, Omar Victor Diop developed an interest for Photography and Design, essentially as a means to capture the diversity of modern african societies and lifestyles.​

His work is interrogative and intriguing, prospective, yet a tad vintage and draws inspiration from Diop’s international uplifting, as well as his african visual heritage.

In his wonderful series ” The Studio of Vanities” he stages portraits of Africa’s Contemporary Urban Scene. In these images he uses lots of traditional fabrics, which I by the way adore,  to accentuate the rich cultural heritage of Senegal and add it to the impressive personalities.

These are the fresh faces of the continent’s urban culture. They are black, arabs, caucasian, asian…it doesn’t matter. They are creative and ambitious, but most importantly, they dedicate their everyday lives to making their dreams a reality. In this series, the objective is to portray a generation which endeavours to showcase the African urban universe and its blossoming art production and exchanges.

His work reminds me of the artist Kehinde Wiley, who also works with a strong color palette and bold pattern, have a look.

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