330 weeks later… I am back

2313 days in total

  • 199 843 200 Seconds 
  • 3 330 720 minutes 
  • 55 512 hours 
  • 2313 days 
  • 330 weeks and three days
I remembered back and always felt joy when blogging and I would like to find this joy of researching, writing down and being curious about something special again.

A lot has happened and I'm not nostalgic, but I miss text in today's world full of pictures.

I myself have benefited the most from blogging. I want to learn again, question things, immerse myself in the beautiful things in the world, read about them and then write them down.

I have been living in Switzerland for 9 years now and I would like to focus on it here as well. What comes from here, who are the exciting artists, designers, museums, books, theatres, operas, people, brands, things, etc.

All this has to be discovered and I am happy to be able to continue this blog again.

In 2015 I unfortunately lost the rights to my domain by a stupid coincidence. It was a well visited site and the value of the site was high. I could have bought www.couleurblind.com back, but at that time the repurchase price was five figures. This value has now dropped and I have my old domain back. Yay!

It is and will remain my private playground.

Lots of slides, swings and climbing in the wonderful, creative world of beauty.

Cannot wait what's to come.

Felix aka Couleurblind

Zurich, 2022

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