Seungjin Yang’s Blowing Series

When I saw a chair in an interior magazine, I immediately knew I wanted to know more about these beautiful chairs. Who doesn’t love the colorful balloons that some skilled street artists can use to build amazing shapes. These chairs are skilfully reduced, but also bright and would be a real eye-catcher in every apartment.

This was also the intension for 1986 born Designer Seungjin Yang, who works and lives in Seoul, he want to transform unstable ballon figures into lasting sculptures. The results are wonderful simple and couleurful, just the way I like it.

His work developed from studying the simple behavior of one’s blowing balloons and their form and volume as a consequence, then it became a process of producing balanced structures and rigid textures out of an unstable material: balloon. Since 2013, Seungjin has tried multiple methods to increase the quality of craft from balloons that are highly unstable. A series of trials resulted in the latest piece that is a solid piece of furniture or object made with eight layers of epoxy. Multiple layers of coating brings not only solidity but also glass-like glossy surface and texture to the piece. In his recent work, Seungjin tried a wider array of size and color so that the pieces can deliver higher usability and aesthetic values. By displaying the process of transforming undefined and fragile balloons into a solid piece of furniture, Seungjin shares the pleasure of identifying unexpectedness in an ordinary material turning into another with the very opposite qualities.

Joyful design, out of the ordinary, I really do like his designs and would love to see one of his chairs irl.

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