Flowers of Peace, 1965

Maria Primachenko

Due to all these horrible news that we are hearing about the current events in Ukraine, I want to write about the Ukrainian artist, Maria Primachenko and share some love and beauty. I read today about a museum that was destroyed with some painting of her art inside and I have the urge to do something and therefore I want to share her beautiful couleurful paintings. Primanchenko’s work drew from local mythology and folklore and was notable for depicting fantastical beasts, many of which came to her in dreams. I do love her color palette of bright & bold colors and her childish playfulness regarding her drawing and painting style. Creativity of a folk artist teaches people to notice beauty in everything, like the sun flowers, a symbol of her country.

Maria Primachenko (1908–1997) was a Ukrainian folk art painter and a representative of naïve art. The artist was involved with drawing, embroidery, painting and ceramics. The largest holdings of Prymachenko’s work, around 650 pieces, are in Ukraine’s National Museum of Applied Folk Art in Kyiv and will hopefully be visible to all lovers of her work in the near future again.

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