Who is couleurblind?

I’m Felix.

Couleurblind is the playground for my field of interest and to share my ideas.

My addictions are textiles, illustration, pattern, colors and all sort of designs.

Originally I am from Germany and now I am working as a production manager and designer for a Fair Trade Company in Switzerland.

I have a fashion diploma (M.A.) from the amazing Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee.

Lived in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, England, Nepal

Love colaborations!

If you want to be featured on my blog or want to suggest me interesting stuff, then just write me on facebook or via mail: couleurblind@gmail.com


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  1. Na, da hab ich Dich ja gefunden, wow, sieht ja super aus und steckt viel herzblut, find ich gut!!

  2. “share my experiences with the world”

    sieht aber echt gut aus!!

  3. huhu…

    ich hasse dich… ich brech mir seit stunden die finger beim koi falten und es sieht ned so aus, wies sollt…


  4. Nur wer für eine Sache brennt kann so einen Blog auf die Beine stellen und am laufen halten. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt. Bleib so besessen. Du weißt ja: “Wer nicht genießt wird ungenießbar!” 🙂

  5. hi fleix, gefunden, aber bei facebook nicht..leider

  6. we like very much your web site, many tanks for talking about Lost & Found.
    have a woundrous day.
    Alessandro Esteri

  7. I love your web!!!

  8. Your website is in my bookmarks bar!
    Keep it on, I really like what you’re doing! Have a great day! 🙂

  9. this pic is really COOOOOOL!

    • I cut blank paper to the size of my artwork (nswiprent for really big, plain paper for smaller) and with a little masking tape hang it around the room and freely rearrange until I get a feel for where it works best. Then use the paper as a pattern and pound all your nails in exactly the right spots.

    • Nu am ajuns pe acolo, dar: (1) vezi si Via Michelin ce recomanda (ca orientare in mare) si (2) sa ai hartile cat mai noi pentru GPS. Partea a doua e valabila si pentru Romania. :))

  10. this is really a beautiful blog!

  11. Amazing blog. There are so many good ideas presented here. Very inspiring. It is indeed a playground of ideas, science and design. Thank you.

  12. hello,

    I’m Dora from turnsofendearment and I wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger award (for more see here: http://turnsofendearment.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/passing-on-the-versatile/) . . thank you for the great posts and blog overall!!


  13. Thanks for sharing your good tastes !

    Internet bless you


  14. Hey “couleurblind”,

    Dein Blog ist wirklich hammer kreativ und ich schaue ihn mir immer ab und zu sehr gerne an!

    habe vor vom 28. Mai bis ca. 15. April nach Berlin zu kommen!
    Bist du irgendwann da? Können dann auch die Fotos machen 😛



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