Diego Arroyo_Kenya_30Diego Arroyo_Kenya_10

Even I am right now in East Asia, I was travelling around the world via Google Maps because I saw these amazing images by Spanish Photographer Diego Arroyo. These Photos below are made in Kenya and they show so much of the beauty of their traditions, the gorgeous smiles of the people over there and also the magnificence of the nature.

With his images he tells many stories and let you travel with him in this country, in which I unfortunately never had yet a chance to see yet.

Diego Arroyo_Kenya_14 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_11 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_10 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_9 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_35 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_5 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_1 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_15 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_24 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_6 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_2 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_16 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_25 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_33 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_22 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_13 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_8 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_7 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_3 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_17 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_26 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_4 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_18 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_27 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_32 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_21 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_12 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_19 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_28 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_20 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_29 Diego Arroyo_Kenya_31


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